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Checklist for Finding the Best Real Estate Photographer

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Real Estate Photo of Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Photo

A Checklist for Finding the Best Real Estate Photographer

The real estate listing photograph is hands down, the most important piece of marketing for your business. This is the first thing that potential buyers see when they start doing a search for a new home and it has to capture their interest right away. Nothing less than a top-notch professional image will do for this critical part – you will sell homes faster and for a better price if you use a professional real estate photographer.

Once you’ve decided that you want to use a professional photographer for your real estate listings, the next step is determining who you will hire. You know that it’s important to have someone that produces the highest quality photos and has a complete understanding of real estate photography and its unique needs. But beyond that, what are the other important elements that you should look for when you decide on a real estate photographer? We’ll walk you through all you need to know. Use this handy checklist to determine who you will want to add to your team in this important role.

Where are they based?

Going local is always best. A local photographer knows the area and those working in the community. They can connect you with other professionals in the community that you may want to work with. They can also provide an excellent referral source for your own business with their interactions in the community.
A local photographer can also help provide a unique insight into your marketing efforts, simply because they know the area and they know what buyers in the area are looking for. You’ll always get more personalized attention going with someone local versus a larger regional or national based company. Usually local photographers are small business owners that will go above and beyond in customer service to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you have issues, they are easy to reach and those concerns can be easily and quickly addressed.

What do other realtors say about working with them?

There are a variety of ways to find out what other realtors have to say about the photographer you’re considering. One method is to look at online reviews. You want someone that has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and if they have negative reviews, those have been addressed transparently and in a professional manner.
You can also talk to other realtors in your area. Find out who they have used and what they like or dislike about a particular real estate photographer. One of the most important questions to ask your realtor colleagues should be what resulted from the listings that this photographer shot? You can also look at some of the most successful realtors in your area and find out who their photographer is and connect with that photographer directly.

How long have they been doing real estate photography?

You want to find a real estate photographer that has many years of experience photographing homes and property and has a portfolio to show it. Don’t make the mistake of finding an experienced photographer that has years of experience doing portraits and nature photography but only limited experience doing real estate. In addition to understanding the nuances of making rooms look brighter and larger and being able to take a photo of a house and make it magazine worthy, they know what types of shots will sell homes. Review their portfolio and check out the previous listings they have photographed. A good, reputable photographer will be happy to share names of past clients for you to speak with.

What additional photography services do they provide?

In addition to listing photos, you want to find a photographer that can provide you with video tours, especially 360 Virtual Reality Tours, drone video and photography, floor plans, walkthrough videos and twilight photo shoots. Video tours and 360VR Tours are an expected part of any listing now, so at a minimum you want to be sure your photographer can do video tours and 360VR Tours in addition to the listing photography. The additional photography elements add a touch of professionalism to your listing.

What other marketing features do they help you with?

Does the photographer you’re considering just offer listing photographs, or do they also provide you with a full spectrum of marketing materials? At Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography, we provide print marketing materials, dedicated listing websites, and a full range of photography services to help enhance your listings and get properties sold faster and for a higher price. A good real estate photographer recognizes that they are a part of your marketing team and work to help you build your business with a wide variety of tools.

Can they provide ongoing services?

In order to establish your brand in real estate, you should make sure all elements of your listings are consistent. This includes the photography and other marketing material. You want those in the community to see a listing and instantly know that it’s yours by the style of the photography, the graphic design elements and the writing style. Not only does this consistency help set your brand apart, but it also looks more professional and can help establish you as a sought after realtor in your area.
To be consistent, you need to make sure that the photographer you’re considering hiring is available and ready to work with you on an ongoing basis, not someone that is overly booked and can just fit you in for a listing here and there. Find one exceptional photographer and stick with them. Your business will thank you for it.
You may find that you have other personal preferences to add to this list when you start your search for a real estate photographer. If you would like to talk about how Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography can help your business, contact us today at:


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