Video and Aerial/Drone Photography

When Standard Photos Of Your House Just Aren't Enough


Show your listing in the most professional way by including a walk through video and aerial drone photography of your property and surrounding area. By providing the most extensive visual representation of your property you increase your ability for more customers to feel like they are seeing your listing in person. Our videos also allow you to speak directly to potential buyers about how amazing your listing is. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video is worth a million. Help set your listing apart from the competition with quality video and drone photography.

Home Walk Through Videos

Enhance the selling experience

Take potential buyers on a walk through of your entire home. This really gives customers a better feel for overall scale and flow of the home.

Price: Staring at $235

  • Less than 1,000 Sq Ft - $235
  • 1,001-3,000 Sq Ft - $250
  • 3,001-5,000 Sq Ft - $350
  • 5,001-7,000 Sq Ft - $450
  • 7,001-10,000 Sq Ft - $650

Home Highlight Videos

Short video walk through of home

A short video that includes the front exterior and entrance of the home along with a short consolidated walkthrough of the home interior.

Price: $225

Community Highlight Videos

Highlight of the neighborhood

Showcase the community, all it's amenities and give a sense of what life is like to live in the neighborhood.

Price: $250

Agent Profile Videos

Market yourself to potential customers

Set yourself apart from other agents with a personalized video to help potential buyers and sellers get to know you and to put a face with a name.

Price: Call For A Quote

Marketing Videos

Personalize your listings

The ultimate commercial that not only shows your listing but your personality to give customers not only a visual of your property but a voice over explaining the property in detail.

Price: Call For A Quote

Drone Videos and Aerial Photography

Real Estate Drone Videos and Aerial Photography

The ultimate way to showcase your property

There is nothing that says cool like drone footage of your property. Drones allow buyers to see the scale of the property from a birds eye view. If you have a large backyard, a pool, waterfront view or are surrounded by mountains the drone will give a unique perspective of your property and its surrounding areas like nothing else.

- Aerial Video + Photos (up to 10) - $350
- Aeriel photos (up to 10) - $250

Commercial Drone Videos

A great way to show large properties

Drones help show the size and scale of a commercial property and give potential buyers a better understand of the scale of all buildings and parking. Contact us for a price quote.

Price: Call For A Quote

Lifestyle Drone Videos

Showcase your property's special features

Does your property have unique features such as a golf course or horse stables? Drone footage can help show the expanse of the property.

Price: Call For A Quote

Drone Aerial Photo Examples

Bring Your Listing To The Next Level

Don't let the current environment dictate who will view your home. Professional videos and aerial drone footage can be the difference on selling your home.