Real Estate Videographer at work

Eight Reasons You Should Use Video in Your Real Estate Listings

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Real Estate Videographer at work

Real Estate Videographer

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 93% of homebuyers begin their search for a new home online. While high-quality photographs may be what initially draws viewers to your listing, video is the one tool that can keep them on the page and convert them more easily from an interested party to a serious potential buyer. Most buyers do not even contact an agent until they have narrowed down the homes they are interested in. This means it’s imperative that your website and your listings have professional quality photos and videos.

Video Can Set You Apart from your Competition

The most successful realtors use video to sell their properties. Potential homebuyers are more likely to pursue the purchase of a home if they can view a video walkthrough or virtual tour of the property. Simply put, offering video tours to your clients increases the value that you can provide to them.

Video is the Top Form of Marketing on the Internet

If you dive into Google analytics or any social media channels analytics, you’ll see that the top views on both are for videos. Videos get the most engagement with people watching, commenting and sharing on videos more than on posts with photos or posts that are just text only. Sharing a video on social media helps your seller easily share the listing with other people in their circle of influence.

Sellers Prefer to Work With Realtors That Offer Video

Being known as a realtor that uses video for your listings can also increase the number of new listings you receive. Sellers want their home sold fast and at top dollar and they seek out realtors that go above and beyond to do this. That means if you’re not using video, you’re likely losing business. When buyers see realtors using video to sell their current listings, it increases the likelihood that they will use that realtor because they have established that they are professional and believe in using professional marketing material.

Video tours are Easy to Share

If you want your listing to have a chance to go viral, it needs to be in video format. Video is most widely shared and has more of an opportunity for people that are not in your network to see the listing. Video can spread exponentially without a whole lot of effort.
Videos are also easy to share via email. You can quickly send the video to your client, your email marketing list, and other realtors and they can easily send to their entire contact list. Writing extensive copy is not required to get viewers to click on a video tour of a home.

Video Tours Can Save You Time

Having a video tour on your listing is much like having an Open House that runs 24-hours, with no need for you to be there. Anyone in any part of the world can view the video and get an accurate depiction of what it would be like to walk through the home, increasing the chance of getting a quick offer on your property. In a recent NAR survey, 46% of homebuyers found virtual tours very useful, yet many real estate agents still do not use them in their business.
Having a video available also weeds out people that just want to look with no intention to buy. A well-produced virtual tour can give someone the exact experience that they would have if they were walking through the home, especially if using something like the Matterport 360 VR that Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography uses. These virtual tours can reduce the amount of time you, as a realtor, spend showing property and free you up to take care of other matters, including signing new clients and getting new listings.

Video Tours Provide Convenience for the Seller

Having a team of professional photographers and videographers go into the home just one time to shoot the video and conducting most of your walk-throughs via video allows the seller to be able to be more relaxed during the home selling process. They do not have to pick up and leave the house every time someone wants to view it.

Video is Mobile Friendly

According to NAR, 76 percent of online viewers are using mobile to view real estate listings and find their new home. Ensuring that your listings are mobile compatible can ensure that you reach a broader audience. Furthermore, 92% of viewers that watch videos on mobile devices share these videos with others. The ability go viral with a real estate video is dependent on making sure your video is mobile compatible.

Video Improves your Google Ranking

Google loves videos and having an updated video on your website, especially one that is getting viewed frequently, will increase your search engine rankings. By being placed higher in search engine results, your video will come up more often for viewers that are looking to buy homes, exposing you to a completely fresh audience.

If you’re not using video in your real estate listings, you are missing a huge opportunity to move your homes faster, get more money at closing for those properties, and losing a percentage of new listings that you could get if you offered this easy tool. If you’d like to find out more about how video can help your real estate business make more money this year, contact Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography.