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Matterport 360VR Tours and Why You Need Them for Your Next Listing

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Matterport Pro2 Camera

Matterport Pro2 Camera

360 Virtual Reality Tours–Why You Need to Use Them in Your Real Estate Business

Photographs are the staple of your property listing–the most valuable marketing asset you have, providing the critical first impression potential homebuyers get of your property. Within a few seconds of seeing the initial photograph, a potential buyer will decide if they will continue looking or move on to the next listing. There’s one other tool that could elevate your listing even more, help you stand out above other realtors, and help attract more clients– Matterport 360 Virtual Reality Tours. 

360VR Tours compliment, not replace, great real estate photography. 360VR Tours are the most cutting-edge and effective real estate technology currently being used. Immersive 360VR Tours place visitors inside the home without having to physically travel to the property, allowing for a first-person experience unlike anything else on the market. Have a listing that you want to stand out? Want to see faster results? In your next listing combine our best-in-the-area photography with our 360VR Tours and experience the results for yourself.

These Virtual Reality Tours use state-of-the-art technology that goes beyond any experience that a video walkthrough can provide. This immersive experience can elevate the quality of your listing and help you stand out to potential homebuyers. Most realtors are not using this advanced technology, and while video tours, video walkthroughs, and drone photography, are important components to a high-quality professional listing, they still can’t provide the feel that the 360VR Tour does – a feeling of being inside the house and looking around the rooms.

Why use Virtual Reality Tours?

Homes with 360VR Tours sell on average 10 days faster than other listings. This allows you to spend less time on one listing and have highly satisfied sellers. 

Visitors spend 6 to 7 more time on listings with 360VR Tours, increasing the likelihood they will make an offer and improving your search engine results. 

Agents that offer 360VR Tours sign up 2-1 more clients than agents that only offer photography services. Sellers want their home to move fast. They will compare agents to see who offers the best options for getting their property seen and selling for the highest cost. Sellers want to work with realtors that do business a bit differently and ahead of the curve from other agents. Stand out! 

Most homebuyers will research homes they are interested in before they contact their realtor. If you have included a virtual tour on your listing, you have a greater chance of getting the client to make an offer, most times without ever stepping foot in the home.  

Virtual Reality Tours and Social Distancing

In our current environment where we are required to practice social distancing and, sometimes, quarantining, virtual reality tours can offer an ideal solution to your clients. They will only need a photographer in their home one time to do the photos and Matterport Scans, then all future tours can be done virtually. The client will not need to clean the house and leave the home every time you want to do a showing. The Matterport 360 cameras that Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography uses are also extremely time efficient, so not only do we only need to be in the home one time to capture the scans and photos, but the time that we need to be in the home is reduced, allowing your clients to return home undisturbed in a much shorter amount of time. The Virtual Reality Tour will show potential buyers how the home flows, how it feels to go from room to room–what it’s like to look up at the ceiling or down the staircase. With an added floor plan capability, they can tell the dimensions of the room, if their furniture will fit, and where the windows and doors are in relation to each room. 

Just like photography and your still photographs, it’s important that the quality of your Virtual Reality Tours be professional and produced by someone experienced in real estate Virtual Reality Tours, like Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography. 

Easy to share

360VR Tours are easily shareable on social media, which is one of the fastest growing ways to get potential buyers for your listings.  You can upload the listing with the Virtual Reality Tour, share it on social media with your own followers, and encourage your sellers to share it with their friends and family. Virtual Reality Tours can also easily be emailed, enabling your sellers to further share it with others, and providing one more avenue for you to share with interested parties. Even better, the easily shareable ability of the 360VR Tours means you will have new client leads coming in, as potential sellers see how hard you work to sell your client’s homes.

Saves you time

Having a 360VR Tour is like having an open house going non-stop. It can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. It’s the most preferred method of viewing real estate for sale from those that have to move from other areas. It gives them the closest feel to a true walkthrough without requiring that they even leave their home. 

Virtual Reality Tours also help you screen your potential buyers better. If you have Virtual Reality Tours easily available on your listing and on the website, the only phone calls you should receive to move forward with a real estate transaction would be from those that are truly interested in buying the home or new clients that want to work with you.

Better search engine rankings

If you’re not already using 360VR Tours in your listings, you will also notice one other benefit from adding them in–higher Google SEO rankings. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and it determines where your listings show up on the Google search page. Google rewards websites with videos and virtual reality tours and places them higher in the search, enabling you to potentially get more visitors to your site. Videos and 360VR Tours also keep viewers on your site for a longer time, which helps to improve your ranking. Google considers the longer time spent on your site validation that your site provides valuable information to those that visit it. 

If you’d like to learn about our state-of-the art 360VR Tours, see a demonstration and find out how we can help your business grow, contact us today at Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography. 


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