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Why successful Realtors don’t skimp on photography

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Why Successful Realtors Don’t Skimp on Real Estate Photography

When you’re a realtor, part of being successful means carefully managing your budget. Your income is solely dependent on what you sell. Therefore it’s imperative that you watch what you spend. However, there is a difference between expenses and investments, and it’s important to differentiate the two and determine what is worth cutting costs on and what should remain in your budget. 

Certain expenses are just necessary and other expenses, or investments, not only help your business but they actually boost your profit potential. These are the expenses that you should be investing in. 

Do you really save anything with a cheaper photographer?

At face value, it may be tempting to go with the person that seems to be offering the better deal. After all, photography these days seems so simple. Many realtors even use their smartphones to snap quick pictures of properties. But potential buyers are savvy and skimping on photography can send the wrong message to the public. To see what you really save, let’s look at a scenario between two real estate photographers:

Photographer A:

  • A few years of experience doing real estate and other types of photography
  • Prides himself on being the cheapest gig in town, saving you money on your real estate business expenses and allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.
  • Provides you with a CD with all of your images for you to keep and do as you wish.

Photographer B:

  • Has been a real estate photographer for 10+ years, with a stunning portfolio.
  • His prices are higher than the other guys in town, sometimes much higher.
  • He edits and will insert the best photos from the real estate shoot into your listing for you or provide you with a file of the best images from the shoot. Or sometimes, both.
  • He also offers other options – video walk-throughs, virtual tours, floor plans, and drone video.

Let’s say that Photographer A has said he’ll charge you $150 for his all-inclusive package. Photographer B, however, charges about $300 for that package. Ouch. Right off the bat, your mind is likely going to the fact that you can save $150 if you go with the cheap guy. 

Before you jump too quick on this option, though, you want to consider a few things:

  • Look at Photographer A’s client list. What listings has he recently photographed? What did they list for? What did they sell for? 
  • Talk to the realtors. How easy was he or she to work with? Where did they go above and beyond for the realtor? Would the realtor recommend Photographer A to other realtors that they like and trust?
  • Do you have the time to spend to upload photos to your listings and create marketing materials if this lower-priced photographer doesn’t offer this option?
  • What image do you want to present to potential buyers and the community at large? Do you want to be seen as the realtor that only uses the best vendors for their clients to get their property sold or do you want to be seen as someone who cuts a few corners to get the job done? Do you want your images to elevate your image or are you satisfied with the status quo?

Another way to check out the photographer you’re considering is to look at some of the most successful realtors in your area. Who they use for their real estate photography could help you narrow down your best pick. Is Photographer A utilized by any of the top sellers in your area? I would venture to guess they are not, and here’s why. 

Why service matters

We’ve talked about the real estate photo shoot and the images that you get when you work with a photographer. But what about beyond that? Do you want a real estate photographer that hands off the photos they took and then they’re done with you? Do you want someone who will not only guarantee your satisfaction but also ensure that you’re getting the absolute most value for your money? 

A high-quality real estate photographer will not only do the photo shoot, but they will go above and beyond. They will give you advice on how best to use your photographs. They may suggest complimentary services to help elevate your listing. The job of a great real estate photographer is to make YOU look like a top-notch real estate agent.

Why the most successful realtors do not skimp on photography

Real estate agents know that to get a potential buyer through the door, you must first entice their interest with images online. Over 92% of homebuyers start their search online. It’s critical that the first images buyers see are ones that will appeal to their emotions and be professional and inviting. Homes that are professionally photographed by a high-quality real estate photographer have also been shown to sell for a higher price and stay on the market less time. This alone makes the extra money that you spend on the best photographer you can get well worth your investment. 

What you get with Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography

At Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all of our customers. All photo shoots include professional lighting and professional editing of every image. Our team of photographers has 40 years combined experience as working professional photographers and videographers. The owner and main photographer has 24 years in the business alone. All contractors that we use are licensed and insured and are the best in the business. For our printed material, we use a professional printing company with only premium paper; we do not cut corners on any of our offered products as we believe the quality and the value of the product is more important than the cost. Most of our packages also include virtual tours at no extra cost. This is just one example of how we believe in making our customer’s experience the very best they can have. 

We always put our customers first. This means that if you try to reach us, you will always get a return email, phone, or text within 60 minutes. We provide many little touches that some photographers would charge extra for – at no additional charge. Bottom line – Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography believes in exceeding expectations and making sure the client receives more than they’ve paid for.


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