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Why you need to add video to your photography package

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While you may be well aware of the importance of professional photography to your real estate listings, you have another valuable tool that should be considered as a supplement to your photography: video.

When preparing to list a property, professional photography is something that has been established as a clear necessity, not just a luxury. Home buyers spend more time researching properties online than ever before and most do this research before ever contacting a realtor to look at a listing. This means that pictures that are done professionally are imperative to getting buyers into your homes. However, many real estate agents are finding that video is just as important as good pictures.

Why A Real Estate Listing Video?

As a realtor, part of gaining new clients is the ability to set yourself apart from other realtors. Recent studies have shown that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with realtors that offer video listings, yet only 15% of realtors offer this service. This represents a large untapped market and an opportunity for you, as a real estate agent, to distinguish yourself from the competition as a top realtor. If potential clients are searching for a realtor to list their property and you clearly offer more than the other realtor, you’re likely going to get the business. Offering video increases the value that you provide to your clients.


Easy to share

Video is easier to share, which makes it more likely that someone you may not have in your circle of contacts could see the video and make an offer. A video is also able to easily be emailed to your mailing list. You can share it with other realtors in your area to share with their potential buyers, as well. This ability to easily share a walk-through or highlight video also proves to be valuable to potential buyers as they seek input from family and friends. They can easily share a link or send a video via email directly to those they want to view the property, increasing your visibility and possibly gaining you new clients in the future.


Save valuable time

As a professional realtor, time is money. Having a walk through video on your listing is comparable to having an open house going on around the clock. It can be viewed from any time zone, at any time. It also provides less of an inconvenience to your sellers, as a video of a home is always “show ready,” meaning they don’t have to constantly pick up and vacate the home every time someone wants to come see the property. Having a walk through video also eliminates people that are simply looking without any intention to buy from taking up your time so they can see the inside of a home.


Videos impact on sales

Properties listed with videos are said to generate four times more offers than those without. There is no hard data that shows why this is the case, but experts suggest that video attracts buyers that might not otherwise view the home. If you have someone relocating to the area, a video can give a potential buyer the feel of the layout of the home without ever having to step foot on the property. They can see how the rooms flow and get a better idea of whether they can envision themselves and their furniture in the home. In some cases, the viewers can view different angles of a room and even zoom in on key features that are important to them.


The impact videos have on your website ranking

Videoa also increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google, enabling potential sellers and buyers to see your listings in search results before seeing other listings. Google loves videos and will list these above other content posted. This gives you a noticeable edge over your competition and can be used to convince a client that video is beneficial for them to get their property sold quickly and at the highest price. Video also keeps visitors on your site longer, which can also boost your website stats and help your exposure on Google.


How video impacts your branding

Personal and professional branding are key to becoming a successful realtor that gets referrals, listings, and most importantly – sales. Offering video as part of your listing package will certainly elevate your brand. If you consistently offer this to your clients, you’ll consistently sell homes faster and at higher prices, which will brand you as a highly successful realtor that puts his client’s needs first and foremost.


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Other ways to use video in your real estate listing


Drone photography and video

The additions of drone photography into the real estate market provides an even more magnificent way to showcase properties. A drone video can be done on its own or you can have an aerial video done along with the walk through video. Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography are certified, licensed and insured drone pilots.

Community video

Consider the benefit of offering a community video in your listing. This is a chance to give potential buyers a look at the neighborhood before ever stepping foot off of their own property. Knowing what surrounds the home and what amenities might be just down the street is a valuable way to entice new showings. Drones can easily do this type of video seamlessly and professionally.



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