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Tips for Relisting a Stagnant Property

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Tips on Relisting a Property

Whether you’re selling a multi-million-dollar property or a traditional home in the suburbs, you never know when you may find yourself in the position of having to relist a property that’s been on the market for a while. 

What do you do in this situation? The first thing to do is look at what the previous realtor did, analyze where you may see problems, and then try a completely different marketing approach.

Refresh the Marketing

One of the first steps in refreshing the marketing of the property is to get new photos. It could simply need different angles shown or something dramatic like a twilight shoot. If a video was not used previously, consider drone shots to give potential buyers a full view of the property and surrounding areas. 

One thing you must do is make sure you’re using a professional real estate photographer. If the previous listing utilized someone that is not well-versed in real estate photography or a low-cost option, consider investing in good photographs first. The photos of the property are often the single largest deciding factor in whether a homebuyer will pursue looking at the home in person.

Remember with photographers more photos will not necessarily equal better results. It’s imperative that you have high-quality photos. The professional quality of the images used can easily be discerned by potential buyers, and they will look right past a home that is presented without a professional looking listing – this includes the photographs.

It doesn’t matter whether the home you’re selling is a top-dollar listing or something more modest. Professional images will still allow your listing to stand out from the others in any price range. 

Consider other photography services

Also, consider what other services you can offer. Video tours coupled with an incredible photography portfolio will give your home even more chance to sell quickly. Video marketing is one of the hottest trends in real estate. If you’re not using it, potential buyers may not even bother to pursue looking at the property.

Floor plans are another valuable option to offer. A NAR survey from 2017 found that more than half of realtors considered floorplans to be an important marketing tool. They also reported that floorplans are one of the top 3 features requested from potential buyers. This is the audience you need to appeal to.

Lower the Selling Price

Many times when a home doesn’t sell, it’s simply because it’s not priced right. If you’re doing the correct marketing and using professional photographs taken by a real estate photographer, take a look at the listing price. Do a good review of the comps in the area and make sure it’s in line with other similar properties. A downward adjustment of just a few thousand dollars could be all that’s needed to move the property.

Consider staging the home 

Dated furniture, appliances, and wallpaper can immediately turn off even the most non-discriminating buyer. Hiring a professional stager to come in and help the property owners make simple fixes to freshen up the property and even stage it with all new furniture, if necessary, can make a house that was sitting on the market, move within a few days. If the house is vacant staging is almost mandatory to get it to sell. Even if you have to use virtual staging to draw buyers in, this is a great tool your real estate photographer can provide. Many realtors report that a small investment in staging can give you returns of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the right property.

If you happen to have a property listed that has been on the market for a few weeks to several months with no movement, consider taking these steps now to rejuvenate interest before your buyer starts looking for another realtor. 


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