Video & Drones

Drone video is quickly becoming a “must have” on any real estate agents marketing list. Buyers rate drone and video walk-throughs as being one of the features they most love to see on home listings, due to the ability to see the property from unique and compelling angles. A dramatic sweeping shot of the property, followed by a grand entrance down the driveway leading to the front door, can be the sole image that drives potential homebuyers to your listing. Even though most buyers have reported that they prefer drone and video footage, only a small percentage of realtors take advantage of these tools.

Drone video operators must meet certain requirements from the FAA. Why is this? Drones are considered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and, as such, require monitoring by the FAA. All of our Drone pilots are Part 107 Certified SUAS Drone Pilots in Command.

Knowledge of these laws and experience navigating the camera system safely and professionally are imperative to finding the right photographer to do the job. Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography meets all requirements for best practices in drone photography. We are FAA Certified, fully licensed, insured, and safety conscious of all the flights that we conduct. Safety is always our number one priority, followed by getting the best images for your listing. Contact us today to learn how drone photography can take your real estate listing to the next level.

Real Estate Drone Video

Real Estate Drone Video

Real Estate Drone Video

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Real Estate walkthrough video featuring aerial footage.

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Real Estate walkthrough video.

Real Estate highlight video.

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